Payments go out via ccbill's 3rd party processing/payout operation shortly after the end of the period. They are able to pay you using wire transfers or US issue checks.

Our Payouts:

50% of initial sales and rebills for the entire life of the membership.
5% of webmaster referred sales, both initial and lifetime rebills.

Your site:
We will NOT accept traffic from sites related or linking to: Childpornography, bestiality, rape, hate, warez (illegal software), MP3 and necrophilia. If you have a site like any of these and you signup, we will delete your account and not pay you 1 cent.

In short: Illegal sites are not welcome.

The site(s) you send traffic from to our program should be in English.

Methods of promotion:
Spamming any service with advertisements linked to is not allowed. Double opt-in mailings may be fine but please contact us before sending these to clarify evrything is above board.

Do NOT at anytime promise potential customers things we do not offer or cannot provide them with. False advertising is strictly forbidden.

Do not give out your login information to anyone unless you trust this individual, we are not responsible for errors that may occur by you providing your login details to other people.

Your personal information is secure with us, no information will be provided to anyone unless a court requests such information.

Any form of cheating is not allowed and we will freeze your account if any such action occurs.
We do not pay cheaters.

Chargebacks and refunds will be taken from your payment and will show up in your ccbill statistics.

Affiliates generating large amounts of refunds and/or chargebacks will be contacted and/or suspended until investigation has taken place.

General terms:
We reserve the right not to do business with certain individuals/sites, we will contact the webmaster if we feel uncomfortable dealing with him/her. All payments owed will be paid out unless the webmaster broke any of the terms during the time he/she was active.

Please do not use any content from our sites without approval.

Freecontent provided by MRL Cash may ONLY be used to promote MRL Cash sites, any other use is strictly prohibited.

We cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties resulting in loss of income.

All communications between webmaster (you) and MRL Cash (us) should be done in English.

We reserve the right to change the terms at any time, we will notify you 48 hours prior to any changes to the terms.

All these terms/rules exist because we want to keep the quality of our service high.
They are not here to make it hard on the webmaster, they actually benefit them.

It is imperative that you read these terms carefully, if you do not accept these, please do not enroll. Signing up means you accepted the terms. If you signed up by mistake, please contact us and we will delete your account.

Thank you,

MRL Cash